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Man accidentally kills himself while playing VR video game

A 44-year old Russian mas has died after falling through a glass table while using a VR headset.
“According to preliminary information, while moving around the apartment in virtual reality glasses, the man tripped and crashed into a glass table, suffered wounds and died on the spot from a loss of blood,” said Senior Assistant to the Head of the Russian Investigative Committee’s Main Moscow Department Yulia Ivanova.
Even though this report did not offer much information, another Russian news website Lenta.ru is claiming that the gentleman in question was playing a Star Wars VR game, when he fell and hit his head on the glass table, wounding it in the process.
However, based on the medical examiner’s report, the man continued playing the game instead of seeking immediate medical attention, and lost of lot of blood in the process. He eventually succumbed to his injuries.
His mother discovered his lifeless body on Thursday when she came to visit him. An investigation has been launched into the matter.
It makes us wonder how good that game really was that drove him to continue playing it over going to the hospital for medical attention. As this information was based on preliminary reports, there was no toxicology information at the time to know if he was under the influence, possibly explaining why he didn’t realize he was losing so much blood or feeling any pain.
This is the first time that playing a VR game has indirectly resulted in a fatality, but it’s always a good idea to remove all dangerous objects from your surroundings when playing games using these types of headsets.
source- trymodern

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