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Android 8.0 Oreo Released

Key upgrades over Nougat

*Picture-in-Picture mode for videos (and even maps), which can run in a small, moveable window on top of anything else;
*Completely reorganized Settings menu, with the aim of making the various options much easier for novices and average users to navigate (although this may result in certain frustrations for power users);
*Twice faster boot times;
*Background execution and location limits keep rogue apps in check, not allowing them to drain your battery by running, using data, or constantly asking for your location when they're not in the foreground;
*Notification categories give you more granular control over what you see from each app;
*Notification snoozing is very welcome;
*Dots introduce a new way to manage notifications;
*Autofill framework lets third party services (as well as Google itself) remember your logins for apps and seamlessly offer to fill them in when needed;
*Project Treble is the biggest ever change to the foundations of Android - a modular architecture that in theory should make it easier and faster for device makers to deliver software updates for longer;
*Redesigned Ambient screen shows notifications with larger font, highlighting the name of the app generating each one, and giving you immediate access to quick actions;
*Fully redesigned emoji lose the controversial 'blob' design for a look that's more similar to those designed by other companies in the mobile space;
*Smart text selection automatically recognizes phone numbers, addresses, and links, and lets you quickly act upon them.

Source - Telescience 

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